Success Stories

#1. My son Tathagata Bhattacharya 23 +/ 5’ 10”, B.Com (H), Goldsmith in profession. We were able to fix his marriage within just 4 months’ connection with the bride and her family. Thanks to Bibaha Bandhani.
Narendranath Bhattacharya (Father), Jaynagar

#2.  I am a Muslim groom, 28/ 5’ 10” M.C.A. working in an MNC in Delhi. Within a month my marriage got fixed with a registered bride from Bibaha Bandhani. Loads of thanks
 Nawaz Uz Zaman (Groom), Kolkata 14

#3. My friend’s daughter Pallavi Mandal 27/ 5’ 7” M.A. in English; found the groom of her choice so easily and so quickly through Bibaha Bandhani. Quite unbelievable!  

#4. Mr. Subir Adhikari (Uncle) Hoogly Iqbal Singh Rajpal 28/5’ 9” H.S. Back, currently works at a private firm. Wefoundeligible bride for our son from Bibaha Bandhani. Thank You. 
Mr. V.S. Ghosh, Daljeet Singh Rajpal (Father)

#5. My elder sister Tapati De 40/ 5’ 3” B.A. Divorcee, working woman, olive complexion; tied knot with a suitable groom within 4 monthly only.  Thank you.
 Tripti Ghosh (Sister), Belur, Howrah

#6.  Through the ‘s/s’ category of Bibaha Bandhani, my daughter Pallavi Mukherjee, 24/ 5’ 5”, B.C.A. working at Wipro in Bangalore, got married to a groom working in Bangalore. Thank You. 
Tapan Kumar Mukherjee (Father), Madhyamgram, Kolkata 

#7. Through offline service of Bibaha Bandhani, my son’s, Biswanath Dey 35/ 5’ 7” BE, working in an MNC, marriage was arranged very easily. Thanks a ton.
Shyam Sundar Dey (Father), Garia, Kolkata


#8. With the help of the agents from Bibaha Bandhani, my son Poddar 38/ 5’ 8”, B. Com, a renowned businessman with monthly earning 50,000, wedded an eligible bride who was registered at Bibaha Bandhani. Our family is very happy with the choice and decision. So many thanks to you.
 Nilmoni Poddar (Father),Burrabuzar , Kolkata 


#9. Through Bibaha Bandhani’s online and offline matching services, my daughter Susmita Bhattacharya)  divorced after a short marriage, 33/ 5’ 2”, B.Sc. (Medicine), M.B.B.S. (South Walls Fellowship of College of Anesthetists) Australia & New Zealand, Specialist Doctor (Sydney) was able to find her match in  just 4 months. Thank You.
Debashish Bhattacharya (Father), Sydneyright

  #10.  Bibaha Bandhani’s manual match has helped us find a suitable match for our son Soumyojit Sen 33/ 5’ 7”, MCA, IIT research SAP, working as software Engineer, Manager (Bangalore). I thank the support staff and their hard work.  
Alapana Sen (Mother), Murshidabad


#11. My daughter is a divorcee, Nivedita Bagchi, 27/ 5’3”, homely. I availed service of Bibaha Bandhani, Amherst Street, and with God’s grace her marriage was fixed just within a month of service. Thanks a lot. 
 Niren Chandra Bagchi (Father), Dum Dum, Kolkata 


#12. Through Bibaha Bandhani’s ‘Z’ category service, my son’s; Saurav Basak  25+ / 5’ 6” B.Com (H), currently working in a private organization;wedding was finalized in just 4 months. Thanks.  
Madhumita Basak (Mother), Jadavpur, Kolkata 

#13. I will be grateful to Bibaha Bandhani’s matrimonial service, which helped my son Arya De, 36/ 5’10”, B. Tech Computer Eng (Pune), choose his preferred bride, Swetanka Pal, who was also a registered member of Bibaha Bandhani.
    Arun Kumar Dey (Father)

#14. With the help of Bibaha Bandhani’s SSM category, I (Dr Somsubhra Das, 31/ 6’ 1”, M.B.B.S. Govt. Doctor Burdwan) found my right match very easily. Thanks to all the employees of Bibaha Bandhani for their cooperation. 
 Dr. Somsubhra Das (Groom), Saltlake

#15. My one and only daughter, Dr. S. Banerjee 27/ 5’ 2”, M.B.B.S, M.D. student final year, found her ideal doctor husband through the matrimonial service of Bibaha Bandhani. We could be happier! Thank you Bibaha Bandhani

-    Dr. P. Banerjee (Father), Tollygaunge, Kolkata

#16.Bibaha  Bandhani, ventured in 1970, helped my son Sabyasachi Pain 34/ 5’ 4”, M.C.A. working in Bangalore; find his ideal bride as per his choice. Thank You- Swapan Kumar Pain (Father), Mumbai


#17. My daughter,Dr S. Banerjee , 29/ 5’ 3”, M.B.B.S., D.N.B (ophthalmology), Govt. Doctor (Kolkata); found an eligible groom through Bibaha Bandhani’s  S/S category. This wouldn’t have been so easy without Bibaha Bandhani. Thank You V.S. Ghosh

-Dr. Pradip Banerjee (Father), Bankura


 #18. My son,divorcee 34/ 5’ 7”, Hons. Graduate, Govt. servant, was able to get married to the eligible bride of his choice through Bibaha Bandhani’s SSM category. We are elated with Bibaha Bandhani’s service.

-    Smt Bela Mukherjee (Mother), Hyderabad


#19. I am Ashok Maity 38/ 5’ Businessman,divorcee with 2 sons. Quite unbelievably I found my life partner through Bibaha Bandhani’s S/S category service within a span of only 4 months. I am thankful to Bibaha Bandhani. 
Mr. Ashok Maity (Groom), Howrah 


#20. My daughter Diana Hoare, Divorcee, 35/ 5’ 2”, M.A. in MSW, found her ideal match in just 3 months through ‘SSR’ category of Bibaha Bandhani. Highly recommended!
Mr. Bajirao Hoare (Father), Kestopur, Kolkata