Services We Offer


Our most prior job of ours is to provide the best matchmaking services for brides and grooms in order to help them in finding their perfect life partner. We understand that selecting the soul mates is not always an easy task when it comes to lead the life with that particular person, after marriage. Thus it is our prior concern to suggest most appropriate bride or groom which will suits you the most. Thus, switch on us and get the most reliable soul mate and begin a new happy married life.


Online Services

We provide a wide range of online services when it comes to matrimonial activities. It includes a variety of services which is helpful for us in delivering a premium services to the individuals and our users. The services in which we deals are as follows:

1. Registration

First and foremost thing one should do is to register himself or herself in order to get the facilities as provide by our site. When the registration is done, then the individual will receive prior notification if there is any appropriate match found as per the requirement of the concern.


2.Featured profile listing

In this respective field the bride or the groom must enlist their information according to their profile. The personal information which is provided is kept safe as per any prior requests. We are very much concerned about the personal information so that it cannot be misused. The personal information provided in the profile helps in finding the most accurate soul mates.


3.Members' Account

Each member will have a separate account which is managed by the individual itself with the given password. With the help of the account the individual can alter their information which is omitted or can also add further information in the perspective of their marriage.


4.Availability to check the profile of the concerned people

Similar to every matrimonial site we also provide the opportunity to have an access to the profiles of the individual through which they can select their soul mates as per their choice. There is a wide range of profiles on the basis of the culture, religion, caste, status, job profile, state of residence, ethnicity, age, etc which provides an ample space for selecting the desired bride or groom. Not only that we also provide our expertise profile writers who will write the profile on behalf of our users.


5.Contacts made and received

Here our team focuses on creating the contact between the respective concerns so as to avoid frauds and faults. As we believes in creating a fair relationship with our users.


6.Upload and view of photo and kundli as well

A key feature is used by our site that the prospective brides or grooms can upload their respective images and kundli as per there will, this will help the seekers to select the soul mates as per their kundlis, physical appearances, etc.


7.Private message board

Our site apprehensively offers three types of communication approaches which includes initial contact through automated mail, which comes with free membership, next is the personalized e-mail and lastly the most effective one is the Chat which comes with paid membership. We understand that communication plays a very important role in matrimonial services which is the main reason that we are providing such opportunity so that the individuals can have their most desired life partners.


8.Community, caste, religion search option

India is a country of diverse culture, caste, religion, etc where we respect the need of the individual and find the potential brides and grooms as per their caste, religion, culture, etc.


9.Membership of the individuals

The members of our site will get periodic notification on the basis of their choice if they are accessed with the membership on this particular site.


10.Efficient Match Making

With the help of the above mentioned we have been successful in establishing the new successful marriage relationships.

Offline Services

When it comes to offline services we are among the best in our prompt work. As our team is composed of enthusiastic personnel and expertise, we are always ready to give the offline services to our users. Our offline services includes the below mentioned services:


1.Broker/ match makers

We are one of the best broker or match makers when it comes to provide offline services. We have different branches in maximum cities so that we can cover the maximum region in India. For the said purpose, the people have to visit our regional office for availing the desired services.


2.Agent services

We also provide agent services in order to satisfy our user’s demand in relation to find the prospective bride or groom. Our expertise takes the responsibility to do the services on behalf of our precious users.


3.Manual match making

In the manual match making part, our team performs manual matching for the individuals who seeks for the desired bride and groom. Our team visits the concerned people and meet with him personally in order to finalize the relationship.


4.Print media services

We also provide different print media services as per the needs of the users. Many times it’s become difficult for the individuals to find the most reasonable and affordable prices for the printing of invitational cards and its belongings. But our team, takes the responsibility of the same for our users and effectively execute the services.


5.Advertisement services

In addition to the above mentioned offline services, our team is also indulge in advertisement services of other groups which can help in arranging all the activities involved in a premium wedding like wedding planner, organizer, etc.


6.Relation Management Services

last but not the least; relationship management is becoming an important prospect in the life of the every individual. Our team is having various relation management expertises that help in dealing in various issues which is witnessed in the life of the persons, weather the person is aged, handicapped, divorce, divorce with child, NRI, etc.